Volume 2: Pivot Details

Canada eCoin Pivot into Volume 2
Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come! 
It’s been 5 years in the making and we know you all have been patiently waiting, but we are proud to announce the official date of the Canada eCoin Pivot!
On October 2nd 2020 @ 10:00 CST, Canada eCoin and its explorers will be unavailable for a few hours as we create a snapshot of the Season 1 chain, wallet addresses and balances currently on the Canada eCoin chain and reload them into a fresh, new, blockchain.
What is a Pivot?:
    – A pivot is a fancy way to describe the seamless swap that will happen behind the scenes. Wallet holders will not be required to do anything other than back-up and import your existing wallets.
Why a Pivot and not a Swap?:
    – We have seen many swaps completed over they years and there is one thing most of them have in common. Most swaps are manual swaps, meaning some users may lose a part of, or all, of their investments if they do not submit their coins to the swap address in time. This was a requirement for us to avoid. Nice and clean, no mess.
How long will the Pivot take to complete?:
    – The pivot will take approximately 4-5 hours from start to finish.
        + This number has been derived from the data obtained from numerous dry runs while testing for performance and stability of the pivot process.
What features are ready?
    – Segregated Witness
    – Faster Chain Sync
    – Lightning Network Ready
    – Cross-chain Trading Compatible
What features are coming?    
    – Omni Network
    – Dynamic Chain Explorer
    – MyCDN Services
        + Custom Generated Sidechains
        + User Address Book
        + User Bounties, Spaces, Stores and more!
    – Branded Sidechain Creation
    – Vanity Coins
What do you need to do?:
    – If you are using a paper wallet, you will not need to do anything. 
    – If you are running a desktop wallet you will need to download our new wallet and simply transfer your wallet.dat file into the new desktop wallet directory (Detailed instructions for this process can be found on our website FAQ)
When will the pivot occur?:
    – The set date for the Pivot has been set for October 2nd 2020 @ 10:00CST

What can you expect to see?:

    – Once the pivot is complete we will be unveiling our vision of the future of Canada eCoin. Some of which we have mentioned above.

Join us for our live stream of the Pivot process and watch us make history!

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