Canada eCoin is continuing to push the vision developing an open source, decentralized, peer-to-peer future.

Genesis to 2016

  • Community Takeover

    After being abandoned by the original team, a community group formed to take over responsibilities.

  • Establish

    A temporary home while we acquire the original domain names

  • Establish an overview of missing or required things

    Lets take a good look at the world and see where we can contribute. We should do this on many levels and from many angles.

  • Explorer

    Get something online quick. Use a ready made package to save some time. This should be replaced down the road when the need to display multiple side-chains/reloads arise.

  • Infrastructure

    Put up 3 servers for holding various processes. Keep all three the same and triple all services for redundancy

  • Coinomi

    Do whatever it takes to get into Coinomi, they are the worlds most ideal thin-client. Using electrum and java, they have build a really nice bitcoin wallet that also accepts more than 20 alt-coins.

  • Establish a draft todo list

    Put together a birds eye view of a project roadmap. (This)

2017 to Present

  • Define the scope, plans for the horizon, and areas of focus

    Now that we have our overview of required things, let’s define a few things.
    1. Scope: Where does it start, where does it end.
    2. Plans for the horizon: How far into the future do we want to plan for.
    3. Focus area: Where are we going to spend our most valuable resource, our time.

  • Design a vision of a new era

    That every Canadian has the right knowledge and tools to ensure their own ability, safety and privacy while operating within our technologically enriched nation.

  • Get organized

    We need some private space for creating. Put up a sandstorm server for hosting repos, chats and kanban boards. Use as a way store shared assets.

  • Boilerplate for rapid devops

    For all things mycdn, we need a quick-start boilerplate for devops. This should allow for rapid deployment of dev-ops environments using meteor as a powerbox manager and our keybase team as a package git resource.

  • New Website & Brand

    The future Canada eCoin project requires a brand.

  • Brand guidelines

    Moving forward, we need a brand and a guideline for creating new things. All developments shall use the same colours/styles and should look/feel as outlined in the brand guidelines.

  • Support System & Helpdesk

    Find it here

Now here

  • Core Wallet Updates

    Updates to the core code will be done via a blockchain soft-swap/reboot in the future.

    Therefore this card’s content has been allocated elsewhere.

  • myCDN membership & oAuth Environment

    The creation of a user account and login process for the Canada eCoin Community Foundation and it’s members is required.

    This user account shall be created by the user itself and used within our membership. This is no different than creating a bitcoin wallet, each user is responsible for their own credentials.

    The environment itself uses password-less permission-ed tokens where each micro-service can offer and perform duties without knowing anything specific about the user other than if the user is allowed to access the resource or not.

    This will allow any myCDN user to identify another myCDN user and create adhoc channels to one another with zero-knowledge to any other party.

  • Define the Community Foundation

    A Canadian based, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the Canada eCoin project, and coordinating the efforts of the community to define and achieve it’s vision.

  • Indie Express and it’s DApps

    The age old problem: If a user is operating in a responsibly private and secure fashion then they are in need of touchstones.

    Think about it…

  • Canada eCoin Marketplace

    A peer to peer marketplace using touchstones and tunnels to establish and track communications between peers.

    Built upon our in-house made Indie Express software; this marketplace showcases the cutting edge features of Indie Express and it’s related components.

  • Network Refresh/Expansion

    Updates to our services are required. Place any new assets within Canada only.

  • Price watcher API

    Gather, store and publish as much historical data about all things Canada eCoin.

    Do this in real time, and use AI to monitor thresholds

  • Web Faucet for Canadians

    This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re Canadian, we’ll have a faucet for you!

  • Social Outreach

    Establish some sort of minimum requirements for posting on specific social channels.

    Pull together the resources and time to generate at least weekly posts about topics within our faq kanban

  • Merged Mining Pool

    There is a need for a more advanced pool. One that can delegate power and merge-mine via auxpow.

    This pool must be smart enough not to produce a block that is empty or fails another similar check.

  • CDN YouTube Account

    Create a youtube channel for sharing educational videos about the Canada eCoin project as well as our product lines.


  • Tokens sideloaded into fresh chain, a soft-swap.

    Because the Canada eCoin project has such a quick block time at 30 seconds, it’s blockchain has grown too quickly and is comprised of mostly empty blocks.

    Having empty blocks is not terrible, it benefits the other auxpow chains that use Canada eCoin as a primary chain. But the growth of the blockchain itself has created over 5 million blocks. The growth rate is around 1 million blocks per year.

    As the community was going through issues in the early days, the coin was not kept up to date codebase wise.

    The objective of this task is to recreate all the UTXOs from the mainnet chain onto a fresh new chain. Users of Canada eCoin will only need to update to a new wallet and import the wallet.dat file from the old wallet/chain to the new.

    This process requires no participation action by the users. Users cannot lose their coins during this process unless service providers do not upgrade (mainly Coinomi).

  • Establishing the Canada eCoin Community Foundation

    The need to reorganise ourselves with a thoughtful strategy is upon us.

    Create a new entity that is the ambassador to the Canada eCoin project.
    This entity can then self-organise after it has been established.

  • Explore Segwit Integration

    Before going balls to the walls, it is important to explore these abilities and implications. Do this a wack before proceeding to the soft-swap.

  • Mobile Market using myCDN

    Using Indie Express as a downloadable dapp, allow users to become introduced then interact directly via several mobile apps.

  • Sidechains using Drivechain

    Drivechain allows tokens to travel back-and-forth to other software applications (called “sidechains”). Thus, crypto owners can opt-in to new features or tradeoffs. Sidechain users can sell their default risk using atomic swaps; instant and zero-trust


  • eRetailer Payment Box

    A spendable payment handler (API and UI combo) that uses any/all payment methods.

    Users can email (or otherwise deliver) a custom pay-now button that will walk the recipient through the payment process and deliver proofs/receipts via blockchain then track and report on payments/receivables.


  • Lightning Playground

    Provided no deal-breaking discoveries are found within the segwit integration task, we require the ability to design and develop on the lightning network.

    This set of tools will operate much like a work bench and will have access to the myCDN oauth environment for establishing a meta-data link between actions and contacts.

  • DIY Cold Store Guide

    Guide to securely storing your coins

  • Create MyCDN Wallet

    The wallet is a basic electrum wallet, with the ability to add your own coin. As long as you can gain access to their electrum server, you can add any coin you want. Using only the electrum servers you choose.

    A plug-in ready wallet with the ability to add features and functions found only in the p2p-wild and the myCDN ecosystem.

  • Create an os install guidline for the perfect mofo setup

    Given the fact that hardly anyone is using Linux — which in some people’s opinion, is the only safe OS out there; design an install guide for the average Joelle to install the perfect OS/setup.


  • IoT / All purpose, self-hosted mesh network

    A commit-log had a baby with a gossip network.

    Kafka and zookeeper are our current leaders in this discovery process.

  • Canadian Point of Sale

    A set of tools and resources for managing ones business in Canada. A fresh look at personal point of sale.

  • ATM and Vending Modules

    Contribute design resources to open POS projects. Talking mainly hardware, create and publish designs that could be used for DIY IoT deployments.

    Find others that are already in this area, and assist/contribute.

  • Legal Docs & Tax Guides

    This is risky business, make sure it is all true before publishing.

    The problem now is that the rules are not clear enough to talk about. We do not want to get on the wrong side of the facts.


  • Personal Hives

    Each user requires the ability to generate and maintain (at the click of a mouse) a merkle hive of all their metadata. This data hive will store and organise the life experience generated data of it’s owner/master.

    Using deterministic methodology, every user shall find sanctuary in privacy.

  • Chain Pivoting

    The user shall operate via any desired channels at a moments notice. Using just one blockchain is not feasible, locking the user into Canada eCoins is not allowed. Our mission and vision go beyond just one token and stretches across any and all cryptographic channels.

  • Sidechain Discovery

    As side chains are used, a method of discovering them will be required. Living in a peer-2-peer world creates some challenges; mainly, how do you find (yourself or another) within a network without a search engine.

    Sidechain discovery helps the user discover new groups and activities within the peer to peer ecosystem.

  • Bulletproof Bonanza

    Delete the middle-man: Fair and honest trade for all!

    This world of software-as-a-service and middle men are draining the value from our communities and profiting large on our data. There is no reason to use these data-hungry services when you have everything you need via community channels.

Someday, Maybe?

  • New exchanges

    The fact remains, this crypto currency space requires more functions and features for users to transact directly with themselves. Getting Canada eCoin onto centralised exchanges is not a priority and likely never will be. Exchanges can feel free to list Canada eCoin however as a group, we shall never recommend anyone send coins into a central authority for hodling.

  • VR / OpenSim Beta

    After some time wasted by our community enjoying some opensim, we decided it wasn’t a good fit for our main objective tree.

    We continue to explore VR as an educational tool.

  • Chainreactor & FDNS

    While we wait for the Chain Reactor to breath it’s first breath we are exploring an alternate method of accomplishing FDNS.

Interesting in contributing? Join us on Discord and let us know!