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What is Canada eCoin?

Canada eCoin is an information and payment network designed using peer-to-peer technologies to operate without the need for a central authority. Powered by eCoinCore, Canada eCoin allows you to be your own bank and take control of your own data.

Driven by network rules, Canada eCoin facilitates information sharing, transactions, and minting of new coins on its own through the process of mining. Through a network consensus, all actions are mathematically validated before being accepted onto the blockchain ledger.

Canada eCoin is open-source software. Anyone can take part in its development, in auditing of the code, and in planning or designing for the greater future of the network.

  • Lightning fast transactions. Send coins almost instantly through our lightning network.
  • An active development team without strings. We’re not backed by venture capitalists or special interest groups.
  • A dedicated, global, forward-thinking community focused on acting locally.

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