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Good day fellow eCoiners

I am happy to announce that the Canada eCoin Foundation has begun breathing it’s first breath.

First on the agenda is to establish a stable place for us all to create and share; we have chosen for this.

Keybase also allows us to create teams and chats, but that is just scratching the surface.  Using cryptographic maths, Keybase gives us secure (public and private) file shares and git resources which is an important feature for us.  ( )

Keybase allows users to “prove” a link between certain online identities (such as a Twitter or Reddit account) and their encryption keys. Instead of using a system such as OAuth, identities are proven by posting a signed statement as the account a user wishes to prove ownership of.

Right now, we use Keybase to coordinate the development of our directory software called Indie Express ( ) as well as to share and collaborate on the data we collect for the directory.  We have been using Keybase for nearly two years and it has become an integral part of our daily workflow. 

Ultimately, using Keybase as a part of our central command and control center, we can secure ourselves without relying on third parties.   Some might wonder why we don’t consider Keybase to be a third party, and the reason is because Keybase’ software runs on our own computers, the user accounts are generated by the users themselves, it is open source, and the majority of its functions would still work long after the Keybase team disappears.  We look at Keybase like a set of behaviors more than just tools.  Employing these behaviours can set a user free from spying eyes and enormous data collection by bad-actors. 

More information about the inner workings of Keybase can be found within their documentation -> .

And now, thanks to these powerful features and behaviors brought forth by the Keybase team, we can create dapps without requiring the user to pay fees nor force users into buying or using our specific token; the Canada eCoin.  This is a break-through and we are surprised that more developers in the crypto space haven’t become wise to Keybase.  Mind you, we are still baffled that not many others are using auxpow either.  

In any event, please join Keybase and follow us at and join our team at

For those of you who can hover, be sure to check out the Canada eCoin project’s roadmap on our official website.

Thank-you to all the supporters of the Canada eCoin project.  Because of you, we have been able to grow to where we are today, and we are excited about our role in the future of the Canadian cryptography space. If you are located in Canada, and you are open to gathering some intel for our directory curators, there are some bounties available to earn some Canada eCoins.  Message myself or any of our admins on Keybase or Discord if you are interested.


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