Canada eCoin no longer supported by Coinomi

A word from the Canada eCoin Team regarding our removal from Coinomi:
Over the last 5 years or so, we have been recommending Coinomi as a super convenient part of our introduction to cryptography and on-boarding process. Coinomi has a super nice user interface and an easy to use layout that lets new-comers enjoy using cryptocurrencies without needing a lot of technical knowledge.  
Unfortunately, convenience most often comes at a cost; Coinomi has delisted the Canada eCoin project along with 50+ other cryptocurrency projects from their wallet experience.  

With our greatest regret to date, we apologise to each and every Coinomi user that took our advice.

The writing has been on the wall now for some time and for this reason it is our shame to not have brought a few considerations to light before this time.

  • Coinomi has closed source their wallet code a few years ago and no longer has any wallet code within their repo
    • You should never trust source code that you cannot read yourself; or have a trusted peer read.
  • Coinomi stopped using the Canada eCoin team’s electrum servers a couple of years ago.
    • By using their own in-house electrum servers, they have the ability to create detailed wallet profiles for each and every Coinomi user. (man-in-the-middle correlation attack)

These two considerations would make any logical crypto user withdraw from using Coinomi at any level.   Unfortunately we have been more loyal to Coinomi and not our very own users and peers.  This is a major oversight that we deeply regret.

We are truly sorry for leading you into this position.  Please forgive us. 


The Canada eCoin Team

We now find ourselves urgently needing to finish up our pivot process; ahead of schedule and lacking in polish.  However, you should find that the process is complete and fully transparent.   The reason why we have pushed our timeline ahead is so we can move forward and get back to focusing on the MyCDN/eCoinCore experience which will fill our sudden need for a mobile wallet.  We will post Volume 2’s technical details within the next few days and you can expect us to perform this swap in the first few days of October;  likely October 2nd (an official announcement will follow).

Please feel free to reach out to any of our team mates during this time if you have any questions or concerns.  We are now, like always, here for you.


/koad & the Canada eCoin Developers


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