Canada eCoin for Individuals

Take control of your finances

  • Transact anytime, anywhere

    Using Canada eCoin, you can transact with anyone in the world whenever needed. No international fees, No need to wait days for processing or wiring services. A few seconds is all you need.

  • Mobile friendly with Coinomi

    Available for both Android and iOS, Coinomi gives you access to Canada eCoin plus hundreds of other coins all in one secure, speedy and nicely designed wallet.

  • Fast, with low fees

    Have your transaction validated and broadcasted to the network near instantly for 0.0001 CDN regardless of how many CDN you send. Within a few minutes, your transaction is confirmed across the network. Done.

  • Secure your finances

    By securing your wallet and keeping backups of your private keys, you are putting yourself in control of your finances. There isn’t a need to trust third parties with your money anymore.