Canada eCoin for Businesses

Tap into an evolving breed of customers

Canada eCoin provides a lightning-fast payment network to allow you to settle transactions within seconds, securely, for a fraction of the cost you are used to. No more chargebacks, no more ridiculous transaction fees. Maintain your books with confidence.

  • A global payment option. Do business anywhere.

    Canada eCoin allows you to accept payments from anywhere, at any time. Open your markets to a world-wide community of crypto-enabled users and encourage your local community to come on board!

  • Validate and Settle transactions within seconds.

    Our payment network is built to mathematically validate transactions through peer consensus protocols before being validated. Once validated and confirmed, the transaction is irreversible.

  • Multi-signature. Spend only when authorized.

    Maintain control of funds by implementing multi-signature wallets. Spending is only possible when y of x signatures have been obtained. Administration members could be signatories on disbursement funds. Only when there is a concensus, will funds be spent.

  • Small or large, Canada eCoin scales with you.

    A few customers a day or tens of thousands, Canada eCoin will handle and process it all. There are dozens of practical implementations to tip the cost to benefit scale drastically in your favor.